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Product Details nature Fresh lotus leaf OB


 1. Composition of nature fresh lotus OB

– Material: 100% from fresh lotus middle-aged leaf

– The main active ingredient in 5g nature fresh lotus leaf: 132 mg of flavonoid

2. Nature Fresh lotus OB recommended for

– People with high cholesterol, hepatic steatosis

– The high blood pressure

– The physiological insomnia, insomnia due to stress

– People with diabetes

– The obesity

Note:  For those who are low blood pressure, need to follow the instructions of doctor and a professional before use.OB FRESH LOTUS LEAF EXTRATED

3. The use of nature fresh lotus leaves OB

– Reduce blood fat, fatty liver

–  Reduction of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular protection

– Reducing obesity and weight loss support

– Stabilization of blood sugar, good for diabetic patients.

– Sedation, improves sleep.

4. Guide and preserve nature fresh lotus leaves OB

How to use nature fresh lotus ob:

– Day 1 drink after eating the dinner. Drink continuously for 1 month

– Mix 5g fresh leaf pulp with 120ml warm water (1 tablespoon available in the box).

Specification: 75g Box (used to be about 15 days)

Storage: Store in cool dry place, temperature 20-25 ° C, avoid direct sunlight next

 5. The origin of the nature fresh lotus OB

Origin: Vietnam.

Manufacturer: JSC Nhat Minh green technology.

Nature Fresh lotus certified OB qualify hygiene and safety of medical products


Why use nature fresh lotus ob reduce cholesterol, safely and efficiently?

Fresh Products Essential ob lotus leaf is manufactured with 100% healthy fresh lotus middle-aged leaf, no preservatives, no synthetic aromas. Nature Fresh lotus ob technology is produced by centrifugal spray drying completely closed to ensure quality assurance and food safety as well as maintain highest flavonoid content. Products are certified food safety of 16567/2013/ATTP-XNCB.

Flavonoids in nature fresh lotus leaf ob Essential work:

– Arrest of hydroxyl free radicals.

– Arrest Hyperlipidemia peroxide.

– Slow down dramatically beginning of the process of Hyperlipidemia peroxide.

– Flavonoids are capable of complexing with metal ions should work as the catalyst prevents the oxidation reaction. Therefore, the quality flavonoids have a protective effect on the body, prevent atherosclerosis, stroke circuit, aging, degenerative liver damage due to radiation.

Specials: nature fresh lotus leaf ob is powder format so the body can easily absorb active flavonoids in lotus leaves

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