OB Black Garlic

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Phone: (84) 0969.855.363

OB Black Garlic 2

OB Black garlic – fermented naturally by fresh garlic at a constant temperature of 60-80 degree Celsius, 70-80% humidity within 45 days. The manufacturing process is followed strictly the FDA Standard, uses organic raw material of raw garlic, grown at Vietnam.

1. Ingredients of ob black garlic

Vietnam natural garlic fementation.. ..175g

2. Effects of ob black garlic

OB Black Garlic helps:

  • Enhance digestion, anti-flatulence, increase the appetite, support digest food
  • Decrease cholesterol, reduce atherosclerosis process
  • Additionally, OB Black Garlic also helps reduce the aging process

3. OB black garlic using objects

OB black garlic is recommended for:

– The elderly, depression, immune weakness

– The case of obesity or high cholesterol, people with arteriosclerosis, a poor digestion, bloating, indigestion

4. Recommended usage ob black garlic

– Take 2-3 times a day before meals, each use 3-5 cloves

– It can be eaten directly or ob black garlic processing with other dishes

– It should be used regularly to achieve the highest efficiency

5. Other informations about ob black garlic

Package: Box 175g vacuum wrap

Expire date: 2 years from date of manufacture.

Storage: Keep in a dry, cool place; away from direct sunlight.

Produced by: STD International CO., Co LTD Provide bulk, Viet Nam

ob black garlic

OB Black Garlic
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